5 Best Ways Ghanaian Authors and Content Creators Can Market Their Works

Ghana has a lot of creative minds that have over the years flooded the digital market. …

What Makes A Best Selling Cover

@Art work from 123RF

The content of a book is seen when opened but the cover of the book is what attracts a person to the book. The first point of contact to a place is as vital what is in the place. …

Publishing has over the years evolved to a high standard that has broken the monopolization major publishing firms have over writer. The introduction of digital publishing has answered the cry of overlooked writers and less popular writers.

Gone are the days the writers needed to bully their way through the…

Abraham Kwabena Asamoah

I am an Author, Content Creator, Forex Trader, Event Planner, Preacher, Childer Advocate and a Husband

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