5 Best Ways Ghanaian Authors and Content Creators Can Market Their Works

Ghana has a lot of creative minds that have over the years flooded the digital market. As much as these creators do their best to make their works known, there are certain restrictions can have prevented them from attaining their heights.

In my quest to offer help to them, there are five ways their works can have a wider reach as far as marketing is concern and these are little strategies known to them but has not been maximized.

  1. Being Consistent To Your Area Of Craft Till You Become A Master of It.

Mastery earns you accolades that you have worked over the years. You become a reference point and that mentees will want to learn but this does not come easily.

It involves you staying consistent it what you have been doing and trust me many will follow you. Take William Shakespeare for example. When you hear the name William Shakespeare you attribute to literature.

The question is when we hear your name what do we attribute it to. It is vital you stay consistent in the release of your craft, you stay consistent in the subject matter and always upgrade it to suite the current trend.

As a content creator it is vital you stay truthful to your craft and not branch into other things. When you take a content creator like Bernard Kelvin Clive, you automatically attribute him to the subject of branding.

As a creative content creator you must stay committed to your craft and create a name in there and earn you a market.

2. The Use of Paid Advertisement.

One of the most annoying elements most people experience online are paid ads. You are sometimes force to watch before you gain access yo what you are looking for. As much as this is annoying, the content creators enjoy a high level of profit.

Boosting your content by paying for it creates a high sense of follwership. These paid advertisements take your content to places you have to idea of. Take Facebook for instance. A paid ad can fetch you up to twice of the caption.

This is a great way of catching and reaching up to a higher number of audience. This will populate your fame. The content will end up somewhere which will definitely drive traffic to your person.

3. Relaying Your Works To A Bigger Digital Distributor.

There is nothing new under the sun and wherever you want to go, there are easier ways of getting there quickly. Amazon arguably has one of the biggest distributing prowess when it comes to book publishing.

There is no wisdom to try and distribute their content yourself when there is a bigger platform that can easily distribute your work. Take Wizkid as an example. His music is now managed and distributed by Sony Entertainment.

Imagine the market space at his disposal. The brand Sony is well known and people will troop in there to listen to your songs. Most of the artists who have their musics there have over the years been mentioned in the American billboard board chat.

This is wisdom content creators in Ghana can take advantage of by applying to these distributors to handle your craft because of the market space dominance they enjoy.

4. Explore more platforms than you are currently on.

Monopoly is one of the restrictive elements to marketing. Diversity is the appreciating element of creativity. There is no essence of restricting your craft to only one platform when there are numerous channels to explore.

If you decide to limit yourself to YouTube, you limit your market space. Many of these big starts in the content creating business, link their works to other platforms to break that monopoly.

It is vital Ghanaian content creators learn to explore other alternatives to the platform they are currently plying their crafts on because the more you explore, the more you are known.

5. Adding Other Forms Of Arts to Your Existing Art

Cristiano Ronaldo is well known for playing football but his fame shot high because of lockdown and adding other crafts to his football and it made him the highest follwership and earner on Instagram.

He started teaching personal hygiene and training sessions on Instagram and boom he started making money and his follwership increased. This is a comfortable niche Ghanaian content creators can emulate.

If you are an author you can add videos session to your work. It is important you don’t just limit yourself to writing. It is said “if they love your written words, they will enjoy your spoken words”.

Adding more crafts to your art open you up to a whole new dimension of audience who do not know that aspect of you and gradually your market will widen.

I am an Author, Content Creator, Forex Trader, Event Planner, Preacher, Childer Advocate and a Husband